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About Us

Fourx is a quick and smooth e-hailing truck booking platform. We provide services for ride, transport or both.
We collaborate with truck drivers to guarantee that your ride and goods will be arrived securely and safely to your desired location.
Give it a shot right now to encounter new and better to book pickup truck transportation.

Our Concept

For Riders

Fourx is a convenient, reasonable price, safe ride and transportation service. Book your private truck driver to fetch you and your goods to your destination with the tap on any gadget.

A close-by driver will pick you and your goods in minutes. Not only on-demand pickup service, you can even look as your driver is en-route to come fetch you up.

For Drivers

All Fourx drivers called "Fourx Wheelers" gives exceptional payments, enables you to be a boss and work on yourself, then if they love service provided they can offer you tips.

Take on fares at whatever destination you wish (Drive smart to maximise earnings with minimal time commitment) while meeting new friends in your city from varying backgrounds

Our Services

Why choose us?

Fourx Wheeler is a simple and intuitive app specially made for truck drivers to get them more passengers and sending goods which is fit to their truck bucket. Earn money by drive with us. Set your own schedule to drive and enjoy your truck.

Fast Booking

With Fourx, you can reach us below 1 minutes! The price that shown on our platform is the exact price that you will pay. Extra charges only applicable if the route through toll or others parking fees (during unloading).

Reliable and Secure

We will ensure your good-self and all goods are delivered in good condition. To confirm that trucks driver have real licenses and ready to handle your goods they must pass background check. All trucks inspected and passed local requirement.

Responsive Customer Service

do our best to give an expert, trusted and reliable service to every customers. Our "Customers Satisfation" policy implies and we will solve to any issues and resolve any request you have.

Our Features

Fourx allows the passengers to find truck drivers in minutes and quickly gets you where you want to go. It’s fantastic way to get a ride and transport on demand or in advance with just a tap on your phone, track your drivers and keep them in touch then pay seamlessly with cash and card!


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Truck Driver

Our Team

This app is inspired by a pickup truck driver, which he really enjoys while driving his truck. So he dreamed that everyone could experience the same experience as he drove a pickup truck. With this app built up will create a platform for pickup truck drivers and participate where they can get new friends while generating revenue.

Customers Benefits from our services

Trucks are more spacious and more comfortable as to compare to other e-hailing which they use for car only. Therefore you get to enjoy the ride and transportation of your goods especially if the destination is a bit long drive and interior

Fixed Rate

Even if the destination that you are going is traffic, the fare will not change anymore because we have fixed rates based on actual situation.

It is perfect for smaller moves.

If you estimate that a lorry would be too big, and your personal vehicle is too small, then try a 4x4 pickup.

Secure Credit Card Payment through the app.

If you don’t have enough local currency or only have big bills, you can securely pay with a credit card through the app. You don’t even need to show the card to the driver.

Reach more places

It is able to access more places where is Lorries unable to reach. Most all entrances to buildings and houses have limit and unfit to a lorry. If you run into this issue, then you should consider engaging Fourx Wheeler

Helps with Language Barrier.

The app allows you and the driver to clearly communicate on pick up, drop off, and price. Your app can be in English. The Fourx Wheeler driver app can be in English or local language. But interfacing through the app makes those fundamental points clear to you both.

Moving Goods

Super recommended if you are bringing, buying, moving goods which is fit to our bucket. You don’t need to worry about the gas and the parking space because they will just drop you and move your items to wherever you want and you can just book again if you need second services with lower price.

Come in many sizes

The smallest double cab truck with a max gross weight of 250kg. A single cab pickup can fit 4' x 3' x 2' (L x W x H), with 500kg max. Have a measuring tape handy, and you can make a fitting decision.

Cheapest in town

A double cab truck is currently in our cheapest range among all type of truck that we offer. You can enjoy ride and transporting your good to your destination. Of course, our prices correspond to the types of our trucks. Riding can still be on the table of double cab and SUV as part of the options.

Driver Benefits from your services

Fourx gives you the flexibility to drive when you want. Just switch on the Fourx app and your private pickup truck and SUV will be connected to riders who request a ride. It’s a simple and extremely flexible way to boost your income.

Elevate Income

Raise your income with Fourx by earning two fares in a single trip!

Flexible Hours

Choose your own schedule, and how long to work. Drive smart to maximise earnings with minimal time commitment.

Maximise Your Chain

Meet new people and build new contacts while increasing your income!

Tipping Mechanism

Earn more while helping and making others at ease.